Barker Moss

As a business that works with bespoke design concepts we are highly experienced in developing ideas and creating practical and exciting designs. Our expertise in Interior Design can help bring original architectural features to your project or help to blend an existing building with a new addition.                                        


Who are we?

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Zoe Barker Moss is the founder and managing partner of the family business Barker Moss, which she runs with her son Xavier. Originally from the UK, Zoe has a qualified background in interior design, sculpture and restoration. After moving to Ukraine in 1993 she began a career in property restoration, focusing on residential buildings. After 2009, Zoe moved back to the UK and refocused her interests on the designing and making of bespoke items such as, specialist boxes, carved doors, furniture and architectural features. Interior design is her passion as is the designing of residential buildings. She employs a number of highly skilled individuals at Barker Moss with whom she has worked on many successful projects.

Why choose us?

Bespoke, handcarved quality

Our team of carvers and woodworkers have a lifetime of experience and are highly skilled in this craft which means that we can take on commissions where scale and detail is rarely an issue. Carving is a traditional art form that has evolved to include both contemporary and established styles, allowing you to request any type of imagery. We use a wide range of natural materials, sourced responsibly, including Oak, Alder, Beech, Ash, Cedar, Pine and Walnut.

We can ship our products to both Europe and North America, however, please do not hesitate to get in touch if you are further afield, we will do our best to accommodate.